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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Why I lash...

I started my practice 12 years ago, I find myself in high demand. I have had constant referrals from my clients, or their friends and family, and have my calendar full.

I am now offering Courses on being a certified Lash Technician as it is important to teach others how to apply extensions accordingly and help transform my clients into the "Dolls" they are. My passion is to provide my clients with the best quality eyelashes while teaching others in the industry to do the same. I have been an educator to students and clients as well in the local Murrieta and Temecula communities.

I am huge on making sure eyelash extensions are placed accordingly to the natural lash for great health. My precise technique has led me to become one of the top lash artists in the Inland Empire. With so many choices at the touch of a smart phone it is important to remain top of mind when clients want their lash extensions to be perfect. You deserve the best.

I started as a traveling lash artist 12 years ago. I worked as a Dermatology Office manager for a large company. Over time I decided to pursue my dreams and left the Medical Field to start my own Business. In November of 2016 I rented a “Bathroom” inside of a Threading shop and setup my room to lash my clients. Given the opportunity, I like to help clients and really understand what is involved in creating the best looking lashes, while differentiating between good and bad extensions. In less than a year I then opened my own salon in Murrieta, CA.

I can’t express this enough but you have to work your ass off to get to where you want to be. Nothing has ever been handed to me, from my very first car I bought (96 Mitsubishi Eclipse) to my home. You all need to realize that if you’re not doing those lashes or whatever service you provide then the person next to you who’s hungry will. This has always been my philosophy.

Maribel Schultz, Founder, CEO Master Trainer of Chic Lash Bar and Academy

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