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Our training classes here at Chic Lash Academy will get you same day certified! We will train you in all the classic sets and give you hands-on training! Embark in a new career as a Newly Certified Eyelash Extension Professional. Our master trainer, Maribel, will ensure you are an expert in lashing. We are accepting new students now! 

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Now Offering Introduction to Russian Volumes 

2-Hour Training Course 
Learn to Execute Russian Volumes You also get $300.00 worth of Lashes
Need to be Classic Certified to attend Course



Maribel started her practice 10 years ago, she finds herself in high demand. Maribel has constant referrals from her clients, of their friends and family, and has her calendar full. In fact Maribel is now offering instruction on being a certified Eye Lash Technician as it is important to teach others how to do the extensions correctly and help transform her clients into the "Dolls" they are. Her passions is to provide her clients with the best looking eye lashes while teaching others in the industry to do the same as well. She has been an inspiration to her students, clients as well as the local Murrieta and Temecula communities.

Maribel is huge on making sure lashes are placed accordingly to the natural lash for great health. Her precise technique has led her to become one of the top lash artists in the Inland Empire. With so many choices at the touch of a smart phone it is important to remain top of mind when clients want their eye lash extensions to be perfect. 

Maribel started as a traveling lash artist 10 years ago. She worked as a Dermatology Office manager for a large company. Over time she decided to pursue her dreams and left the Medical Field to start her own Business. In November of 2016 she rented a “Bathroom” inside of a Threading shop and setup her room to lash her clients. Given the opportunity, she decided to help clients and really understand what was involved in creating the best looking lashes, while differentiating between good and bad extensions. In less than a year, with her beautiful and clean work Maribel grew her clientele and opened her own salon in Murrieta, CA.

"I can’t express this enough but you have to work your ass off to get to where you want to be. Nothing has ever been handed to me, from my very first car I bought (96 Mitsubishi Eclipse) to my home. You all need to realize that if you’re not doing those lashes or whatever service you provide then the person next to you who’s hungry will. This has always been my philosophy and it hasn't been easy”

Maribel Schultz, Founder, CEO
Master Trainer of Chic Lash Bar and Academy

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Chic Lash Academy (Master Classic Lash) 
1-Day Eyelash Extension Training & Certification

Hey Future Chic Lash Artist, 
welcome to the lash game doll! Get ready to build your empire.

  • SAME DAY Class is Eyelash Extension Training & Certification

  • The Chic Lash Academy 1-Day Class - Eyelash Master Course cost is $2,999

  • $500 non-refundable deposit upon booking, Non-transferable to another training session. 

  • Includes a 10" Android Tablet, Introduction to Russian Volumes and the Product training course (valued at over $400)

  • Chic Lash Academy (MY) Master Classic Course is 1 day from 8 am-5 pm. 

  • We go through everything you’ll need to know to be confident and excel at lashing.


  • 8 am-10 am - Basic Theory

  •  10 am-12 pm - Hands on practice on doll head 

  • 12 pm - 1 pm - Lunch 

  • 1 pm - 5 pm  - Practice on live model

Other Information

  • Video & Cameras are allowed. You can record for you to reference back to

  • Please bring a note book and pen to take notes and an open mind to soak everything in

  •  A lifetime of my support & no other school does this, your education doesn’t stop with this course. 

  • You can sit and shadow me while I lash my own clients.

  • By the time you’re finished with my course you’ll have my technique down and be able to execute a mega set!

  • The course comes with a complete high-end kit with my own lash line. The famous Classic lashes you see me posting, adhesive that lasts up to 6 weeks retention, mister, and so much more!


Welcome to the lash game doll get ready to build your empire

Master Instructor Maribel

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